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  • Oxford wedding bells

    There's something so special about being a photographer for a wedding because I'm inserted into this amazing celebration in the most intimate way. To top that feeling, the bride and I were able to share stories of "that time when" all day. We have memories of being kids and playing on her parents property when it was in contruction. We have memories of my older brother leading us to the not-so-great-decision of burning our barbies. We have memories of being young entreprenauers, collecting tossed out golf balls and selling them to a couse. We go way back. Way, way back. So it was the greatest honor to fly to the U.K. where Katie moved and met her prince charming to photograph their wedding. And Will is quite the charmer too. Loved this wedding and the Oxford backdrop too. You can't beat Magdalen College and later a dinner venue that was used as the infirmerie for Harry Potter! Yep, fancy!