• Kyle's Senior Pictures

    My second cousin is a senior. I’m old enough to have a few ‘I remember when’s’ with him. Like, I remember when my cousin had him! And, I remember when he started walking! Just a tiny little thang. Now he’s all grown up and heading off to college in a few months. What a world! My cousin’s family is one for the books. She and her hub have five kids and they’re all so generous and kind. I can only hope my kiddo, who just turned one, will grow up to be like them. 

    Anyways, this summer I was lucky enough to spend some time photographing his senior pictures. We took a walk around Carpinteria. It’s a special little town on the coast with a really nice beach and some protective marshland. 

  • An afternoon with Nicole's family

    Spent some time with Nicole and her family a bit ago. We set up a little blanket outside for the kids to play on as I photographed them. Must be so fulfilling to have your kids interact. On the way back home to my own babe I drove along the Pasadena Freeway and was reminded of this amazing story Patt Morrison wrote for the Los Angeles Times. 

  • Home family session

    Excuse the vv short post but I've just started a new job at the LA Times! Sharing a few pictures of this sweet family at their house. 

  • Steph & James Engagement

    I cruised around Silverlake making pictures of a good, gooooood friend of mine and her awesome fiance James because she's getting married! Steph and I met yearssss ago in China. We taught at the same school together in Shanghai. It was one fabulous year. I honestly thought I'd move to China and read lots of books because I'd mostly be rolling solo. Low and behold, I found some amazing lifelong friends. Steph and I have been close ever since. Very happy when friends find love so I could not be happier for her and James to take this next step together. Loooove is the best. 

  • Lily & Pat married at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club

    Lily and Pat celebrated their wedding at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club and it was beautiful. They married in the sand out front and danced the night away inside. I looooove beach weddings. Any reason to be at the beach is a good one. The smell of the Pacific Ocean is delicious and I feel like it just soothes us. Can't say I didn't shed a tear listening to their vows. A very tender moment indeed. 

  • Amazing Grace!

    It made me so happy to photograph six-week-old Grace at home with her mom and brother recently! She's already showing the world how strong she is. Truly! Returned home to my three-month-old after this session to find how huge he looks in comparison. It's incredible how fast we grow in our early weeks on planet Earth. 

  • Maria and James in Malibu

    Just a few images from a lovely afternoon with Maria and James in Malibu. They'll the embodyment of positivity and their love is something to be inspired by. 

  • Holiday family session

    Getting to photograph friends is such a sweet treat. Met Nicole before I can remember because our dads are friends. She has a great little family in Los Angeles and they wanted photos for their holiday cards. It's the perfect time for a photo session! 

  • Butterfly Beach

    Had a sweet time photographing the Mayberry family the day before Thanksgiving on Butterfly Beach. It was a gorgeous day with the perfect sunset. Mix that with one of my favorite beaches on this planet and nothing can go wrong. 

  • Family Photo Album

    Had a GREAT few days in early August hanging with family at the beach in Oxnard, California. Got the whole family together one evening for a family shoot and I put together a hardcover book for them. Sharing a few samples of the pages below! The first spread I posted is all the kids, seperated by family. And the last spread I share is the layout I designed for each of the different families. 

    I'm always happy to make a personalized design for a client! Makes it a special treat to do it for family.